Thursday, February 7, 2019

Report Back from Mobilization at Rock Stone Mountain

By Anonymous Contributor - February 07, 2019 at 04:25AM

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The Atlanta Straight Edge crew reports back from the recent mobilization at Rock Stone Mountain.

“There’s no good side to this white power scene
Kids beat down for standing up
Your turn will come because we’ve all had enough”

– Gorilla Biscuits, Rest in Power Alex Brown

With clear and level heads we set out from Atlanta to the suburb of Stone Mountain Village. Out and open racists and fascists have not been welcomed in the scene for some time but that doesn’t mean we should give them one inch when boneheads inevitably try to rear their thick skulls in public.

In the lead up to the day of confrontation the FLOWER Coalition which The Atlanta Straight Edge had signed onto had so thoroughly routed our enemies that they chickened out of a fight. This is to be expected since the park had not granted them a permit and the boneheads were not going to have their doughnut smelling friends to protect them against us and our fellow anti-racists.

So instead of being ready for a rumble we came to Stone Mountain Village for a march of celebration. Well over a 100 people marched throughout the village taking the streets and marching where we wanted; we were quick to circumvent the attempted pig mobile escort. After some marching and positive interactions with locals the crowd burned a Klan effigy showing utter detest for our racist enemies.

Back at the intersection of Mountain and Main a yellow vested worker gave a stirring speech to cheers from the crowd. When referring to the rising antifascism in broader society the speaker said “in the movements, and the projects and initiatives that carry them into daily life. From mutual aid programs and anti-prison organizing, to self organized MMA gyms, to autonomous tenants unions, and beyond: militant anti fascism is a part of a broader cultural revolution.”

We are the beyond; we are part of the broader cultural revolution. We are militant antifascists and we are The Atlanta Straight Edge.

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