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Call To Action: Border Resistance Tour and Convergence

By Border Resistance Convergence - July 29, 2019 at 05:55AM

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Call for a national border resistance convergence in El Paso, Texas starting on September 1st. Leading up to the convergence there will be a tour from July 29th to August 7th. Register for the convergence here.

Local and national organizers are working together to build 10 days of trainings and direct actions for the Border Resistance Convergence in El Paso, TX – September 1-10th. We are calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps.

When you come to this convergence you will be in Tigua, Raramuri, Piro, Suma and Manso territory. This convergence is being run by Indigenous & QTPOC (Queer, trans, people of color) leadership and anyone who passively or aggressively disrespects that will be asked to leave.

Details & Logistics:

Housing: There are two locations that can house around 20 people each for the time span of the convergence. There are also local organizers who will be opening their houses. These spaces will be used to host QTPOC folks that are traveling to El Paso. We are very much relying on white comrades to donate money and throw down on renting temporary spaces for our more vulnerable friends as camping can affect us all in different ways. There is very nice camping within the “city limits” of El Paso.

Food: Multiple trusted pals and movement kitchen collectives will be banning together to run our convergence kitchen and make sure there is food provided for all of us for the entirety of the convergence. The kitchen will be running entirely off of monetary and food donations so please consider bringing money or bulk food to help support the kitchen. Additionally, please be prepared to bring and snacks if you tend to get hungry between meals or have dietary restrictions.

Travel Funds: There are travel funds available but limited for POC, trainers and collectives offering specific skills. Please indicate on the registration form if this is you. There is also a rideshare that we encourage you to use!

Directions: All main events will be happening near downtown El Paso within walking distance of each other. Exact directions to different areas and buildings will be written sooner in time.

What to bring: IT IS HOT. Very hot. Like you might need to get cool to even start thinking again hot. Bring anything that helps you stay cool in this kind of heat.

-Water bottles






-Information you want to share from your local campaign


-Tank tops and other cool clothes

-Loose clothes that cover your whole body, long sleeves and pants

-Boots and/or gym shoes

-Wallet & Donation Money

-Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, gas)


-Bulk food and Migrant Donations (clothing, shoes, toiletries, toys, medicines, bedding)

-Electronics for support w/ media & chargers


Tour Event Page:

Santa Cruz :: The Freight Building – 119 Center St :: July 29th. 6pm

Oakland/SF ::
Abolish ICE Block Party in SF- 630 Sansome St :: 12pm

Tamarack – 1501 Harrison St :: July 30th. 6pm

Cumbia Contra La Migra queer dance party @ PLACE (for sustainable living.. ):: 9pm

Olympia :: 115 Legion :: Aug 1. 6pm

Portland :: Social Justice Action Center – 400 SE 12th Ave :: Aug 2. 6pm

Seattle :: Pipsqueak – 173 16th Ave :: Aug 4th. 1pm

Minneapolis ::
Seward Cafe – 2129 E Franklin Ave :: Aug 6th. 6pm

Benefit show/ queer dance @ Disgraceland :: 9pm

Chicago :: RSVP for address :: Aug 7. 6pm

Join us for a week long tour of discussions, panels, fundraisers and dance parties with revolutionary autonomous organizers working on the borderlands.

We will be giving first hand accounts from local grassroots organizers about the last 8 months of Direct Action and Mutual Aide in the Border towns of Juarez/El Paso and Tijuana/SanDiego.

We hope to collaborate with local migrant justice organizers from each city to create a broad and strategic discussion on how folks can plug into work that is actually working towards dismantling concentration camps and US-funded genocide.

AND we will be talking about and inviting you to our upcoming Border Resistance Convergence happening in El Paso Sept 1-10th.

Organizers from:
๐Ÿ”ฅContra Viento y Marea,
๐Ÿ”ฅTornillo the Occupation,
๐Ÿ”ฅHecate Society,
๐Ÿ”ฅCasa Carmelita,
๐Ÿ”ฅFood not Walls and
๐Ÿ”ฅNo Mรกs Muertes/No More Deaths

One of the best ways in which you can help right now is by opening your wallet, so please come ready to make a donation if you are able. No one will be turned away if they cannot.

For all inquiries, email
we are always looking for more artists and after-party benefits (:

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