Sunday, April 5, 2020

Not All States Have Imposed ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders

By Adam Dick - April 05, 2020 at 03:50PM


Governors across America have been flying their tyrant flag high in the name of fighting coronavirus, imposing a multitude of orders, including orders mandating that so-called nonessential businesses close and that people who have recently arrived in state be subjected to quarantine.

According to a Friday USA Today article by Marco della Cava, most state governments in their coronavirus crackdowns have imposed stay-at-home orders on people statewide, while in a few more states such orders are in effect in parts of the states. Such orders require people to stay home unless they are out for a limited number of permitted activities, such as to purchase food.

Della Cava lays out the stay-at-home orders situation across America as follows:
Iowa and four other states — North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Arkansas — as yet have no state-wide orders. Seven states — Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama and South Carolina — have at least one city with shelter-in-place rules. As of now, 38 states have full lock-down orders from the top.
Only about ten percent of Americans, writes della Cava, are not now subject to a state or local stay-at-home order.

Read della Cava’s article here.

Will the holdouts resist for much longer the pressure to conform?

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