Thursday, June 4, 2020

L.A. Politicians Planning Big Gift to Gun Industry, Private Security Companies

By Eugene Volokh - June 04, 2020 at 08:34PM

See this story, and also this one:

Garcetti spoke of "reinvesting in black communities and communities of color."

The mayor proceeded to announce $250 million in cuts to the proposed budget and to reallocate those dollars to communities of color, "so we can invest in jobs, in education and healing." L.A. Police Commission President Eileen Decker then announced that $100 million-$150 million of those cuts would come from the police department budget.

I doubt this will on balance help black and Hispanic Angelenos, who are especially at risk of the violent crime that police are most needed to fight (much more so than of the violent crime that the police do indeed sometimes commit), see, e.g., these homicide statistics. But it surely will lead more people to conclude that, as police protection declines, self-protection becomes all the more valuable—as does private security, for the few rich enough to afford it.

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